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Padauk and Maple Cutting Board


This is a wood cutting board that is so beautiful it should be left out for display. This type of wood has a very nice, bright reddish color to it. This board is made of a combination of padauk and maple hardwood strips glued together with food safe glue. If you look closely at the grain of the wood, you can see that it runs all the way through the board. It is soaked in mineral oil, and then hand rubbed with a blend of bees wax and mineral oil; food safe.
Measures approximately: 16" L x 10.5" W x 3/4" T
Padauk sourced from Africa. Maple sourced from eastern coast.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wood cutting boards are not safe to wash in a dishwasher. Hand wash after every use to ensure proper cleaning. Lightly oil with mineral oil as needed to ensure the board does not dry. Care instructions are sent with every shipment. They are simple to care for and maintain and will last for years.