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  • Cheese Slicing Board


    This cheese slicer is the perfect tool for cutting and serving your favorite cheeses. The built in cutting arm is able to slice through any cheese, hard or soft. Slice the cheese thick or thin, because this slicer makes a perfect cut every time. Don't worry about the wire breaking. This slicer is designed to be able to cut therough the hardest cheeses with out breaking. If the wire does break however, you may send it back in for a repair, or we can send a new wire out to you because they are replacable.

    We offer a variety of different woods including solid walnut, maple, or cherry. We also offer an option made from a variety of hardwoods. With this option, you never know what colors you'll get, but each one is equally beautiful. We also offer two sizes, regular (8.5") and a large (12").

    The measurements of the cheese cutter are:
    Length: 8.5” or 12"
    Width: 5 3/4”
    Thickness: 3/4”
    After use, simply hand wash the board with soap and water, rinse, towel dry immediately, and store until next use. Never clean in the dishwasher.  After use and washing, the cheese slicer may begin to look dry. Applying coats of cutting board oil every 2-3 months depending on use.

    Picture 1: Mixed Hardwoods

    Picture 2: Left: Maple, Right: Walnut

    Picture 3: Cherry with mixed hardwoods

    Picture 4: Mixed hardwoods