Bear Cribbage Board


This handmade cribbage board makes a great addition to any house or cabin! Our cribbage boards make the perfect gifts for any occasion, from wedding and anniversary gifts to birthday gifts to Christmas and other holiday gifts. What makes our cribbage boards special is the fact that you can play with up to 4 players! Each cribbage board comes with 12 of our high quality metal pegs which store nicely in a peg pocket located on the back of the board. Each board also comes with felt pads, which ensures that the board will not scratch the surface it sits upon. Our cribbage boards are a once-around track and also include a 10-game scoring track.

Custom/specialty woods are also available upon request.

Each cribbage board is made by hand from the highest quality hardwoods. Grain patterns and colors may vary.

Upper Text Engraving (+$10.00)

This text will appear in the blank space above the carved image.

Lower Text Engraving (+$10.00)

This text will appear in the blank space below the carved image.

Rear Text Engraving (+$15.00)

This text will appear on the back of the board above the peg pocket.

Text Engraving Font

Select the font you’d like engraved on the board.

Hanging Slots

By selecting this upgrade, we will add two key slots on the rear of the board so the board can be easily hung and displayed on a wall.

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions N/A


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